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Dr. Angela Jennings Telemedicine Services

During these challenging times of Covid 19 with social distancing and curfews you may be wondering what options are available for paediatric medical care.
Telemedicine offers an opportunity for a virtual visit.

What is telemedicine (aka virtual care)?
In our context Telemedicine refers to a medical consultation between the doctor and patient which has both a video(seeing) and audio (hearing) components.
It provides an alternative (when appropriate) to some in-person visits
It is similar to the experience you may be familiar with on skype, facetime and google hangout.

What are the benefits of telemedicine visits?
• There is improved access to care while overcoming the barriers created by distance and time. It allows us to connect where you are.

• It provided much more information than a phone call. I will be able to see your child without you having to try to describe the rash or the cough for example.

• It allows for the remote diagnosis and triaging of ill patients.
Every time a child visits the Paediatrician they risk exposure to illnesses suffered by other patients. We try to minimize this as much as possible. By using telemedicine patients are diagnosed and assessed remotely thereby preventing the spreading of illness.

• Well visits as well as the follow up of stable patients with chronic conditions can also be done in this manner

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about telemedicine

Can all types of consults be done via telemedicine?
Short answer. No but many things can be done.
Nutrition counselling, behavioral and development health services, routine health and wellness checks, common illnesses like colds, allergies and chronic care management follow up are some of the conditions that can be managed.
There are some complaints e.g abdominal pain or chest pain that will require in- person visits.

How will I get insurance claims forms?
They will need to be collected from the office along with the receipt for the payment.

What if both parents want to attend the visit but there are not in the same household?
That’s easy just share the zoom link with the other parent and they can join at the appointment time.

Do I need to have my video on for the consult?
Yes you do.
As with in-office visits it is important that both you and your child can be clearly seen during the visit.

Are there rules for tele-medicine visits?
Yes, there are.
Just as you would dress to physically go to the doctor you are expected to be appropriately attired.
If there are other persons in the room outside of who is expected to be at the visit they must be identified.


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