The Kolij Foundation

Who are we?
The Kolij Foundation is a fund started by Harrisonians, maintained by Harrisonians for Harrisonians.
Our goals:
• The goal is to support sports and the arts at the school. We want to make sure that students have the space, resources and mentorship needed for them to truly thrive!
• We know Harrison College is home to this country’s best and brightest, so we want to make sure that students are given the tools to excel in any arena.
What might this look like?
Well an example is our very first major project. The Kolij Foundation, thanks to donations from our old scholars was able to undertake a $50,000 project which included levelling the track on the big field (now The Obadele Thompson Sports Complex) as well as installing a brand-new state-of-the-art long jump pit.
Interested in donating to the development of the arts and sports at Harrison College? Donate below!

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