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Dear Fellow Combermerians,

We are now finalizing the second phase of the “Adopt an Instrument” promotion in partnership with CSOSA where we will outfit the Physics and Home Economics Departments with equipment requested. To do this, we need to raise US $8,000 to source this equipment in the US since the US Alumni is a tax exempt organization. We are appealing to every Combermerian who receives this letter to call a fellow Combermerian to tell him/her about this project or forward this letter to all Combermerians you know.

In Phase 1, thirty three Combermerians and three Non-Combermerians from around the world donated US $15,422.07 and this was spent on the purchase and shipment of Lab Instruments to outfit the Chemistry and Biology Departments. Based on the reports received from the Department Heads, the Teachers were overwhelmed by the quality of the instruments we acquired. Again, we like to express sincere gratitude to those who donated.

We are dedicating this phase in the name of Bazyl Barrow a true Combermerian who passed away last year and was instrumental in the completion of Phase 1.
Donations for Phase 2 should be received by April 30th, 2020 in order to have the equipment in place when the students return in September. Please support our beloved school and donate what you can afford. Any amount would go a long way in meeting our new goal of US$8,000. During the course of the campaign we developed and adopted the slogan “LEARN, EARN and RETURN

Combermere Alumni Association USA, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization; therefore contributions are tax-deductible for residents filing taxes in the USA. Your contributions may be sent to Combermere Alumni Association USA, at PO Box 021183, Brooklyn NY 11202, or through our PayPal Account on our website Contributions can also be sent to CSOSA at Combermere School, Waterford, St. Michael, Barbados, with a note on your check or money order “Lab Instruments.”

Please enter your donation amount in BBD below placing two zero’s after the decimal point.

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